Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Instant face lift

Today I am getting my hair cut. I need it.  I've always had long hair. 6 mos ago, I decided that it was time.  I looked like a throwback from the 60's - long hair past my waist.  It wasn't so much that it was long, it was THICK.  I have horse hair!  (Mom always said it was the Cherokee from my dad's side)  - When I would wash it and dry it, if I brushed it with my head down, and then abruptly turned upside, I looked like the Addams Family, "Cousin It".

Oh men, are visual and like long hair and my husband was one of them.  He did not want me to cut my hair. Finally, one day after work, I went into a salon and told them frantically,


So instead of the little old lady haircut (I'm too young for that) I settled on a blunt cut just a few inches from my chin.  I tell you, it took years off my face.

So now,  it is shoulder length and with 100 degree heat I can't take it.  Lately out of necessity,  I wear it in a pony tail (a throw back from the 50's)


  1. Do we get to see a picture??

    1. see http://mymorningcupofcoffee.blogspot.com/2012/08/bad-hair-cut.html


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