Thursday, August 02, 2012

I feel a rant coming on...

Oh I've over done the coffee routine this morning. I think this may be a multi-rant kinda day -


I really enjoy blogging. I also love to visit others - to read and to just see what they have to offer.  I get ideas.  Most of the blogs are Mommy blogs.  I really get a kick out of them and back when my sons were little, I probably would of been right in there, with them.  So my pet peeve is, where are all the Granny blogs?  I'm not a Granny but I am older and would love to read some blogs about women in my age group.   Maybe still writing in their lock and key diaries? 

People with differing opinions 

I have a old friend who moved to Colorado a few years ago.  We keep up on Facebook. She does direct sales with Lemongrass Spa.  They have great stuff and I have ordered through her many times.  The deal is, I have been with Avon for years.  Every time, I post some sale or something about Avon, she makes negative comments.  I don't want to "fight" on FB.  Why can't we all just respect other people's decisions?  Why do we all have to do the same thing?  Believe the same way?  Bottom-line, I think she wants to recruit me. 

I'm a loyal person.  I've been with Avon, on and off for like 30 years or so.  I have a soft spot for Avon.  I grew up with it.  The more she re-acts, the more I back off.  I also have a good friend who sells Mary Kay.  I even go to her parties when she needs a "body".   I would never think of rattling off my opinion on Mary Kay.  My sister also sells Mary Kay.  My mom would order some things from Avon and some things from Mary Kay, like any good Mom would do. 

Drew Peterson

I can't stand this man. Cocky, self-righteous and plays mind games with law enforcement simply because he used to be one and he thinks he is so smart.  Now I hear, it could be a miss-trial before it even starts. This man is going to just walk.  This really bothers me. He thinks he is God's gift to women. 

Phone Answering machines and Voice Mail 

Grrrrrrrrrrrrr I can't stand it anymore. I am on the Do Not Call List, yet I still get calls.  They won't stop.  I had one who just put me on HOLD while on the answering machine and it played that elevator music for a while - said nothing.  Or they block their number and all it says is, In-coming call. Or it will say their city and that is it.  I've taken to put all my regular callers on the same ring, so anyone else that calls I know, it's not "my people."  Honestly, I am thinking, do we really need a answering machine or call waiting?  I just think phone calls are such a nuisance anymore.  It's not fun like it used to be.


  1. Glad you got the extra caffeine in! lol breathe girl BREATHE! :) I'm with ya on it!

  2. I've seen the 30 plus blogger people. Can you start a 40 plus or 50 plus group?

    You could put "grandchildren" in your profile for a minute, click on it and see what comes up.

    1. hmmm that is a thought. like duh!


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