Friday, August 03, 2012


*Wed afternoon*

I have time before I hit my "work week" to say a few more things -

40-50 miles north of me, there is a fire going on.  Since Wednesday afternoon. It's only 10% contained. The interstate was closed Wednesday - Thursday afternoon which made it hard for truckers on their way up to Portland and Seattle.  The other 2 ways to go north, are not designed for huge trucks - with steep mountains and one lanes.

It was horribly smokey yesterday in my town - gave me a headache. 

This weekend does not look good. Along with 106 temps, there will be dry lightening in the mountains.  If we get through this without a major fire it will be a miracle.  \o/

Meanwhile they fight the Salt Creek fire.  Cal Fire and their families have my deepest respect. God bless them!


  1. Is it any better today? Despite the chaos and horror in the photos :( you did a good job taking them.

  2. Fires are 100% contained as of last night. No more smoke! But it did get to be 1000 acres and that is always sad.


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