Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cabin fever part 2 - Time flies

Chevron Fire last week in the bay area

So what did I do those hot days?  Not much.  If I don't get out and get some exercise I start to hurt.  I worked Monday and its not fun working with children, when its HOT.  So I had a challenging time with the girls. 

Gas is back up again - $4.09.  The Husband was grounded due to the heat and smoke advisory but is riding today. 

My eyes have been bothering me.  Feels like gravel in one of them.  Must be due to the smoke. 

Daisey does need to get out and socialize with other dogs.  For that matter,  I need to get out and socialize with people.  I'm so anti-social lately.  

 I did write and have published a article on Hub Pages.  Bid deal.

Paid bills - grocery shopped.  cooked.  Did laundry.  took naps.

I have a million and one things to do to keep me busy but for some reason, I am being terribly lazy.

I guess I must be going through something -

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