Thursday, August 23, 2012

blah blah blah - more smoke

last month in Nevada

I have such a headache and I am feeling sick.  I'm going crazy from being stuck at home.  Can't open a window - can't take the dog for a walk.  It totally sucks!

Okay I did my little complaining.

My husband is so sweet.  After work he went over to the evacuation center and help serve dinner to the evacuees. I wish I had gone with him.  I love to do that kind of stuff. 

The other day I fell and hurt my whole right side.  Silly me was sitting in a recliner with my laptop.  I get up, leaving the recliner in the up position and climb out and I start to drop the laptop which made me over compensate and WHAM, I fell ker*plunk!  Like a sack of cement, really hard on the floor. My glasses fell off, and I hit my cheek bone. I also got a rug burn on my left elbow! The next day, which was yesterday I felt like a mack truck had hit me. No bruises just aches and pains.

I'm doing some pet sitting this weekend for 2 cute little dogs.  Callie and Arrow.  Twice day I go over and feed them, let them out and play with them.  I'm going to bring my Daisey Mae with me so she can socialize.

 blah blah blah, that's it for today!


  1. Happy thoughts sent your way. Sure hope you didn't spill any coffee when you fell.

    1. No I didn't - that would of been terrible!!!

  2. Feel better and no more recliner gymnastics, okay? You already got the gold! ;) Aww...what kind of dogs? Arrow...that reminds me of that Niilson song - "Me and My Arrow". Remember that? What kind of dog is Daisy Mae? I'm a dog person, can you tell? haha!

    1. Callie is a Jack Russell Terrier, Arrow is a black lab. and my Daisey Mae is a German Shepherd mix. and Yes I remember that song, me and my that will be going through my head.

  3. Anonymous5:48 AM

    Ouch! Hope you are feeling better. I'm behind in reading blogs.


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