Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The AC

there she is - the old gal, causing me worry and grey hair!

I just had done, a routine checkup on our AC.  It's fine considering it is 19 years old. It needs a new capacitor and it is showing signs of leaking.  To have them replace it, it will be $119. But then we need a whole new HVAC. 

 I have to get on the ball and start checking out my options, research systems etc. My husband wants to just get a wood stove (his dream is to go off grid as much as possible) but that won't fix the air conditioning issue. So it looks like it has to be a new HVAC system.We really can't live without a AC around here, even though we are having a cooler than normal summer.

Now how to pay for this. We looked into re-financing our home - but they wanted to give us a 15 yr fixed and then a variable rate after that. Those variable rates scare me. We've only owned our home for 3 years. (It had been paid off and was owned by my parents and I bought out my sister.)

I love the house but I think I got caught up in sentimentality rather than making a good sound decision. We probably should of just sold the house. We're not underwater but we did lose 40,000 value. I don't see the real estate around here going up, anytime soon.

I don't wannabe a grown up anymore.


  1. We just came back from vacation to find out C unit not working either... I feel for ya!

  2. God that sucks!!!! Our AC goes out every August in this North Cackalacky heat. We have an insurance policy on our home where we only pay $60 for a maintenance call, which includes parts and service. However, they never want to replace things, only try to fix. One of these days, the thing is gonna just blow up from all the superglue they put on it.


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