Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Summer heat

Actually Temp - we don't have a heat index here.

Our summers are usually extremely HOT.  We're known throughout the state as a HOT place to spend a summer.  When my parents came up here to retire from San Francisco, we came up one time, during the summer - It was 121 and I vowed, I would NEVER live in this godforsaken town. (not to be confused with Looneysuse's godforsaken town
We tried to only come up in the fall or early spring. But never the summer!

So I've been here now, 4 years.  The first summer was hard to get used to. I was used to the natural AC from the world famous fog, rolling in through the Golden Gate to freeze San Francisco and cool down the rest of the SF peninsula. My former, MIL lived on the coast and could see the ocean from her living room window. We'd call over there during heat-waves, "Any fog yet?" Very few homes have AC. It's just not needed. Probably like Portland and Seattle, although the bay area's weather is much nicer. Mild to warm but hardly ever HOT HOT.

That first summer, here the hottest it reached was 117. We also had fires - on all 3 sides of us! For almost 6 mos, we were surrounded. I really feel for those in Colorado.

Our June was so nice. I was able to open my doors and windows - get fresh air. That will change soon. We're supposed to get back to our obnoxious heat come tomorrow. Supposed to be inching ever too close to 100.

"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco" Mark Twain


  1. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you stay cool a few more days. We just got back from our California vacation and my mom pointed out to me that LA and San Diego were cooler than Portland yesterday. I don't like heat but I don't really like cold either so I guess I'm doomed to Snow Bird :)

    1. Yeah people don't realize that Portland can get hot. So can Seattle in the summer even though their summers are like 6 weeks long. We have family in the Seattle area and right now they are in the mid to high 80's - finally!


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