Monday, July 09, 2012

Monday morning chit chat

Rare San Francisco photograph of Playland at the Beach when there was no Golden Gate bridge.(1920's)

Whoa, the husband and I will have the house all to ourselves this week! The sons, are going on a camping/hiking week up near Mt. Lassen. They will be up in about 7000 ft elevation and will escape the heat. It will be in the 90's for the daytime and drop down to the 50's at night. Nice!

We're heating up to our normal temps, this time of year. Yesterday was 104. Low humidity though, under 20%. Humidity is always higher in the morning so by the late afternoon, we're down to less than 10%.

Yeah I know I talk weather a lot. My dad was a painting contractor in SF and he was always looking at the weather - to see if he could work. So I know weather (at least in my area) Now my #2 son, was always fascinated with the weather too. When all the kids were into watching MTV he was watching non-stop weather channel. So he is our resident meteorologist. Now he is going to school to be a Pharmacy Tech. He's almost done. I would of thought he would of gone into meteorology. I think its just a hobby.

So I go into to watch the girls today for 5 hours. I really wish I could be home. I have so much to do and with the sons being gone - I could get a lot of things done.

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