Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Monday

Oh goodie - today is BIG grocery shopping day for me. I will shop at Costco - then go to my other market for the rest of the stuff. Money is starting to get tight. Feeling the huge drop in pay. I'm going to have to get on the ball and use coupons on cleaning products, laundry or maybe try to make my own?  I don't know yet. Of course I will chronicle this in my other blog - it keeps me from getting depressed.

The Husband and I went to a lavender festival in our area and I tell you, he is like a child. He wants this, he wants that. I finally let him get this craft sign, he wanted. It's because he doesn't do the bills. And if he did the bills he would be moody and depressed. (Welcome to my world)  Then yesterday we went out window shopping, checking out 2 new stores that opened up in our area.  So what does he do? He walks around, moping - and actually said real loud, where others can hear him,

"If only I had more money."  

What a lame comment.  Awkward too because other people who heard him, don't know how to respond. Finally I just had to tell him to stop it. I actually told him to put on a happy face - if he tries, maybe he will feel better.

I love the man, but he is terribly moody and gets down easily. I have to remind him all the time, about the things he needs to be thankful for, instead of him concentrating on what he doesn't have.

I am thrilled at this loss of income either - but I tackle it like a job. Its my job, during this time, to cut expenses and to make it work. 

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