Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dry and Hot

*Mt. Shasta*

I was reading a blog (can't remember which one) where the blogger was saying she was fed up with the hot weather.  It was funny how she said everything smells - everyone is sweaty.  Must be miserable back there (I'm in California)

When I was a kid, we would go back to visit my dad's family in Tennessee and Indiana / my mom's family in Ohio.  I was used to coastal weather. Summers on the coast always have some relief. It's called fog.  I'd go back there, and sweat like I've never sweat before, and never felt clean and dry. The last time I went back to visit family, in 2009  I went in mid Oct.  I'd never go in the summer. I don't like the humidity.

Our HOT here is dry. You don't sweat unless of course you are doing something to work up a sweat.  You can sit under the shade of a tree, and drink some lemonade or ice tea and still be dry to touch. It may be 100+ but it is bearable. You just do things in the morning - and literally "chill" in the afternoon.  Plus when I say "dry" that also means we rarely get rain in the summer.  Our rainy season is in the Winter and early Spring. We love it when it rains and we get that rare thunderstorm. (mostly in the mountains)


  1. You must have been talkin' about me girl. I blogged about how much I sweat (even crotch sweat) in this freakin' crazy North Cackalacky heat and 100% humidity, 'cause I'm a Yankee, and us Yankees ain't used to this southern heat.

    1. Yes it was you! That was such a funny post. It must be horrible to walk around smelling people, due to the sweat and humidity.

      We're in the 100's and August will bring our normal 105-110+ but it's dry. I just get worried that my AC will finally die out.


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