Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3 down - how many more to go?

My State of California is in deep doo doo.  In 2 weeks, 3 cities have filed for bankruptcy. I mean, is that crazy or what?  These are not little, towns. San Bernardino, Mammoth Lakes and Stockton. Is it just going on here? Or are other states having their issues?  I know in my own town (a semi-rural town of about 80,000) are having major problems. We can't afford police protection and the county jail had to shut down one floor of the jail. Not to mention, our Governor has this "realignment" thing going on, where they are releasing into the population "non-violent" criminals. Well, these non-violent criminals are becoming violent and they know they can steal a car and be out on bail in hours instead of going to jail. I've never seen anything like this and it's scary.

This town used to be peaceful - we now have tweakers all over the place. Since we are surrounded by 3 national forests, we have major MMJ farms and with that comes crime. Medical MMJ is legal here in California. You can walk down the street, smoking and you don't get arrested. No one gets busted for pot anymore. I am actually for legalizing MMJ. Tax it and regulate it to keep the criminal element at bay. It will happen soon. Although the Feds, they don't like it. They came in during the winter and closed down our MMJ collectives, seized their assets and made arrests. But the state of California voted and it passed - that medical MMJ be legalized. So that is a battle now going on in the courts. Has it stopped the collectives from operating? No. My niece works at one in Chico. She says the patients she tends to see are not teenagers and bums, but elderly people who are in desperate pain. Many vets, etc.

So could legalizing, taxing and regulating MMJ in the State of California, help bail us out of this financial mess we are in???  I believe it can, if the federal government would just get out of our way. I always thought state law trumps out federal law. I guess I am wrong.


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    It's legal in Michigan.

  2. The FEDS won't like it. It's been about 2 years here and only for medicinal purposes and at first all was well. Until last Oct and the Feds came in and made arrests, harassed the owners and clients.


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