Thursday, June 28, 2012

We're good!

What a difference 12 hours make! With my calm, confident,  sweet, and encouraging persona, I have managed to "lift" the Husband up; finding ways to make him smile and to see the good in all of this.  The man needs to relax!

First I made him take a nap! Gosh, he freaks out; starts in on the "I am a failure" trip. He had a good lunch. I did some checking and found that his anniversary date for employment is July 1 - Which means, we will get a 3 week vacation check in a few days.  Wow! That definitely put a smile on his grim face and mine. (whew!)

So now these next few days are looking much better. Right now he is at the VA working with his VA Rep, updating his file, which he never has time for.  He mowed the lawns yesterday.

And Sat we have decided to take a little "stay-cation" and drive over to Virginia City, Nevada for the day. We'll take along a picnic lunch, and just enjoy the old ghost town! It will be a beautiful drive -  peaceful and a much needed, inexpensive break from the stress.


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