Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Scary hell is here already?

This is the kind of stuff that only happens to us. That is why I have to blog - to keep from going cRaZy. 

 I came in from doing my errands when our bedroom light was on and there was my husband! It scared me at first; I thought maybe his 86 year old father had died.Without going into his personal information, he was sent home from work due to a temporary non-threatening health condition that he is battling right now. He has no sick leave! He has a VA doctor. His appointment is Monday Tuesday (lord willing) he can go back to work Wed. is the 4th of July (he doesn't get paid for holidays) We're looking at 6 unpaid days. He's stressed and for once, I am in a good frame of mind - emotionally. 

 He has some options - with this time off. Too bad we couldn't just go away for a few days - (sigh) 

 He can go to Labor Ready and do some "labor". (he likes that) 
He can go to the Veterans Services for some temp help. 
 He can use this time to try and find a better job 
He could get some things done around here he keeps putting off. 

He will be getting a "vacation check" sometime in July or August on his anniversary date. Oh we'll be okay. It's not the end of the world. Good thing I have experience in this. He spent 20+ years in the military and never had to worry about stuff like this. So what's it going to be? A scary hell? or "Awesome challenge from God???" I think the ball is in my court! 

 This is really going to suck. When we moved to this semi-rural town, we knew it had no decent jobs. He took a transfer. His job with the same company up here, didn't have sick leave, no holiday pay and was a good 45% less than what he made in the San Francisco bay area. We've always had that "pad" of his retirement check. But boy the timing of all of this, couldn't come at a worse time. So we do have some income - just 5 days (not counting the 4th of July because we know and plan ahead for that) Yeah we have a little savings that we don't want to dip into. We'd rather "bite the bullet." Can we?

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