Sunday, June 10, 2012

I hate sippy cups!

I worked all 5 days last week and it was rough. The little one, who isn't two yet officially, but has been acting like a two year old for a few months - will be making if official on the 23rd. She's been a real challenge. In some ways, if it weren't so exhausting, it would be funny.  (sometimes)

We're having some communication issues. She asks for milk. I give her milk. She throws the sippy-cup at me and yells,

 "I want juice."

Being reasonable, I put the sippy of milk, in the refrigerator and get out a new one with juice. Once again, she throws it at me and yells,

 "I want milk".

 Did I ever mention I can be stubborn too?


Comments are good - I admit, sometimes I don't respond back, in time for a dialog. I bad! I will TRY and do better. Thanks for understanding.

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