Monday, May 21, 2012

A Solar Happening!

My husband looking at the 100% solar eclipse - and YES, the date is wrong on my camera

Yesterday, was the annular solar eclipse. Where I live in Northern California, we were in the path of the rare 5-6 minute 100%  total eclipse and I don't remember the last one but it was awesome. It got eerily dim and it seemed just a bit cooler than our 95 degree daytime temperatures. The husband got out the welders shield -  

There were viewing parties going on, all over our city. Hotels were booked for the event. And the pagan community up by Mt Shasta celebrated with hoots and howls. 

That's it though for me. The next one in our area won't be for another 30 years. I'll be in my 80's. We'll see. 

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  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    We were watching it on the computer! Joe took a picture of the eclipse on the computer. I thought of you! Good for your hubby for wearing the proper gear.


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