Tuesday, May 01, 2012

The local newspaper


I've been busy lately - being a regular commenter on our local newspaper. I've been making comments since 2008 when we moved up here, but lately there are some issues that just needed my outspoken voice. Have I made a difference? Hell no! But it's sure been fun. Sunday I got this one guy so mad at me - that he was making himself look totally irrational and stupid.

Our newspaper has this system where we can click a light bulb, for "insightful comment". You get rated how many articles you comment on, how many articles you "bulb" etc. You can tell the ones who are just trolls. Heck they even have called me a troll.

It is addicting. I sit here behind my computer, laughing....I'm getting to know the "names" and in the morning, the same crowd even meets up and makes comments on the daily weather. Too funny.

I think I need a life. 

PS. We got a new cat last week. My husband rescued this 1 year old male cat named Timmy. Daisey Mae is fun and Miss Buster our other cat, is adjusting.


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    2nd try, I comment too, but once in a blue moon. What are you discussing?

  2. just local stuff. I don't dare to get into national politics because they are so hateful and berate everything that is said. Both sides!! I stick to local stuff and even that, can get vicious.


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