Tuesday, April 03, 2012

My Golden Rule for Blogs

I follow many blogs - I did a few blog hops and with that I would practically follow everyone. That's fine. I'm nice. After a couple of months though, I see many of the blogs I follow are not personal - they are usually advertising something. That disappoints me.

When I watch TV, we use our DVR to record shows so we can watch them at our convenience AND to speed through commercials and advertisements. I realize that many of the bloggers are trying to create a moneymaking blog - that's cool - I'd like that too. But in-between the "review" posts, can't they at least be normal and blog about life and make it more enjoyable to read? Treat their fellow bloggers that follow them as if we mean something - I feel so used!

I registered with Commission Junction a few years ago - I never really followed through with promoting some of the products.  Recently I went back to reopen my account. But now, I hesitate because I don't want to be like the other blogs, where all their posts are reviews.

If I am going to review or advertise anything it would be my Avon, Tiny Tillia or Barefoot books. (I have blogs for that exclusively)

Blog unto others as you would like them to blog unto you. That's my Golden Rule.

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