Monday, April 02, 2012

Blog Heaven

I am a compulsive blogger. I guess I have so much in my mind, that has to "come out" in a constructive, healthy way - Keeps me from talking to myself (which I do) and answering myself back!  Therefore I blog. You know, the "cheaper than a therapist" thing.

 Before blogs, I used to journal. I carried my journal with me everywhere I went and when something would happen or I just needed to vent, I would jot down my thoughts. I still have some selected written journals going back years, although I did burn the ones I had when I was married to my first husband. Oh my, Don't need husband #2 to read those.

I guess I am a loner now (or at least for a season or two) and I like it that way. MY best friend died suddenly Nov 2010 at the age of 50 and I miss her so much.  We were like sisters.

When blogging, it's always fun to have some "followers". But it's much more fun to actually have people who READ them and when they comment, OMG that's BLOG HEAVEN!!!

So be nice to a fellow blogger - send them to Heaven!

This should be a post for a Sunday huh? 

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