Monday, March 26, 2012

When Spring became Winter

I have been battling with a cold for a month now. On and off - I got done with one and had one day of feeling almost like me again and WHAM, the next day, I started feeling another one coming in for a landing. WHAT is going on with me????

So I am in a buggy MOOD - the kind where, you give me anything to think about, and I'll probably just rant and rave till I am sick of myself.

I'm sick of this weather we are having. All winter long, we had mild and sunny days. NOW it becomes Spring and we get "winter". Granted it is a northern California "winter" which means RAIN. Yes we need it but I wanted it back in Jan. Not now, when I want to plant flowers and get my garden in. I feel so couped up. WE stayed home all weekend - partly because of my cold and partly because of the cost of the gas. NO more Sunday drives into the mountains or in the country.

So that is what is bugging me today. AND don't even get me started on what is happening around our country and in Washington DC or I will have a stroke.

Till next time,  keep taking it one cuppa coffee at a time.

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