Monday, March 12, 2012


Okay so I'll admit it - I was once a Facebook junkie! I thought it was so cool, how I found my long lost brother (no joke) and his family - I found cousins by the dozens, and old friends. Then I was "found" by my high school acquaintances. (that's another rant in itself) I am able to keep track of my family, who live all across the country in a way, that just plain email doesn't cut it.

Now, I go on briefly, just to check on family - see pictures but the rest of it is just bOrInG. You really get a drift of people's personalities on Facebook. Those that share every picture that comes their way - some that use Facebook to argue with people - to show how smart they think they are. Some that are always boasting about what they have - take pictures of what they EAT, post where they are at, LIKE I really care. I think that is the one that gets me the most. Suzie Q is posting from the donut shop and she's with Jack and Jill. 

The location ones are really lame - if I were a crook, what a great way to find out if anyone is home or not. Just read their tweets (another future rant) and Facebook statuses.

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