Tuesday, April 07, 2009

YOu know how I worry -

Okay so I worry about this spider bite and haven't heard from Patrick since yesterday. and then if that wasn't enough - I haven't heard from Daniel in a week. The last time he was depressed but denying that he was. But I know him. I can hear it in his voice and he's struggled with depression after Michael died for quite some time.

I tried calling his cell and no answer. Nothing. This sounds so familiar to me, and I don't think it could happen again. I have talked to him about this and my worry when he doesn't get in touch with me. Now Carl thinks he just didn't pay his cell phone bill because money is tight/ no job and he's trying to save. But he usually calls me and so this bothers me.

I don't want to do anything that will make him mad at me. He thinks I overreact at times. I know I have to let go but PRAY he calls me. I could have my friend Susie drive over to his place but he will get mad at me and I hesitate to call the police.

Mostly this is my imagination I am sure.

I will keep busy today and just pack my suitcase and look forward to a nice trip instead of worrying so much. I have to let go -

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