Wednesday, April 08, 2009

I more week

In 1 more week I leave - I'm getting nervous/excited.

I did find out today that a 23 year old female sailor died of a heart attack on the ship. Very sad! Those undetected heart problems in young people - you hear about it more and more.

Its raining a little here today. We need it. We've had warm temps the last week and Shasta Lake still looks like a lake you'd see on Mars or the Moon. Not enough water -

Carl's been offered another day shift job. The one at the electrical power plant is being held off, and delayed due to environmentalists - I mean what do these people want? For us all to go back to the stone age? It is a hydro-electric plant. I don't get it. That's why the economy here is so bad. They have totally ruined the logging industry - now they are after the farmers and their water has been cut to farms by 75%. Most of these environmentalist don't even live here in Shasta County. They bring them in from Berkeley or San start trouble.

So if Carl gets this job, it starts Monday - a day shift with Sat and Sun off. This will be so good. It would be working for the county. I hope its secure....

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