Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SOLD to the couple from Oregon

I wish I was not so sentimental...with the emphasis on "mental" over a dumb old motor-home that I never stayed in?  I get all weepy and have to "talk" to myself, and tell myself how silly I am - I'm overjoyed that I sold it, its just the end. My mom and dad's RV was special to them. They had many fun times in there.

WE went to the bank with the couple from Oregon. I would not accept a money order or a cashiers check. They knew this ahead of time. So we all went to the bank and then stood there signing all the paperwork and the pink slip.

Now I have a BIG clear driveway. We'll be able now to back ours out of the side yard and start getting it ready to go on the weekends. Its supposed to be in the mid 80's to 90's this weekend. Spring has sprung in Redding, CA. Although it could be 90 one weekend and snow the next - We are having a garage sale this weekend.

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