Thursday, September 13, 2007

My lumbar transforaminal epidural injection and lumbar facet injection

That was yesterday!

 L-3 and 4 were taken care of with the help of modern medicine and good insurance! I am very THANKFUL I was able to get in to see this Physiatry group. I went to a surgery clinic that is associated with Stanford University Hospital. They gave me a little "cocktail" through my IV and then brought me into this room, where with Xray, they are able to locate the proper place to SHOOT me with the medicine that will bring down the inflammation so I can live a normal life again and be without PAIN. It didn't hurt, but it didn't feel good either. In fact, at times, they had to tell me to BREATHE. I guess I tense up so much I hold my breath.

 Carl took the day off to be with me and help me. I was groggy for most part of yesterday and took 2 naps! My ice pack and me went everywhere together! AND if my ice pack didn't take care of the pain, vicadin did. Or at least took the edge off.

This morning I felt good, even though I overslept till 8:30 am. THAT is unheard of with me. I am an early riser from WAY back...just ask my Mom. I must have needed the extra rest. I am a bit bruised on my back from where they injected me. Once I started moving around, I started to get sore. But I'm on the road to healing and I can take it. My POWER WALKS and trumped up activity level will come slowly. I go back in 3 weeks to see Dr Saal. I PRAY this does the trick. I don't like sitting on the sidelines of life...I want to walk, hike, backpack and go horseback riding on the beach with my husband, once again. I have been a real stick in the mud for some time now. With grieving my son, and then my back for so long, I am READY to enjoy life again.

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