Monday, September 10, 2007

GNATS, and SWARM Flies

We're back. I was a bit busy today, laundering our clothes...We had a bit of a BUG problem. GNATS. Millions and trillions of them. Swarming in our ears and noses...Our poor dog had them hanging off his eye lids. You know those pictures of dying people in Africa, and how they always have bugs all around...that was us, this past weekend. It was GROSS. They were on us...all over us. I have NEVER seen so many gnats or swarm flies. Fortunately they were not biting flies or mosquito's. Even with these pesky critters it still could of been worse.

Anyway, we had them in our van and wanted to make sure they didn't lay any eggs, so I was busy today, washing just about everything we brought.

Even when I went to bed at night (they went away once the temps went down a bit) I would jump and twitch...I was still twitching last night!!

Anyway, NOW I can look back and say we DID enjoy our time...but you can have the gnats!

PS. They NEED more BATS.

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