Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the lastest

Michael would of been 30 years old, last week on the 7th. I started a memorial "my space" and I couldn't believe my eyes when I signed on, the morning of his birthday...there were classmates and old friends that had found us. So I actually had a very enjoyable day, chatting with some of
his old friends.

Patrick is in Michigan, with a shipmate on vacation. Daniel is work work.

Next Thursday, I go to a specialist about my back. Same sports clinic that the SF 49ers use, San Jose Sharks and SF Ballet. I didn't like what they at first said, in the office, when I was making my appointment. That my insurance (military) doesn't pay well enough and that is why they don't like to take people with Tri Care. BOY I saw RED. They still booked me...I am approved for one visit and we go from there, although it is possible that this place just may be out of our league.

I've lost 8 lbs on the south beach diet. I'm being careful and have read all about the risks. It just makes sense and of the low carb diets, south beach is the best. So its not like I am losing TONS of weight. I have 32 more pounds to go.

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