Wednesday, August 01, 2007

South Beach Diet

I am on a diet. South Beach. What made me do this low carb diet was a neighbor of mine showed me a picture of himself...80 lbs heavier! He told me about Atkins. I knew I didn't really want to go that radical, so I went to the library and got the So Beach diet book and its been really 1 week, but I consider last week a trial run...I started for real Sunday!

I hope this works. I have never had to "diet" but after my son died 4 years ago, I found comfort in FOOD. I gained 40 lbs! My back hurts, my knee doubt the extra added weight. I do walk almost everyday several miles and I am riding my bike. Once I get a swim cap, I plan to swim at least 2 times a week, or do water aerobics!

I may be 53, but I'm not going to just lie down and give in to "old age". Now please understand, I am not in denial...I'm okay about getting older, I just want to be in good health for as long as I can. Its not about wearing a bikini days have been long over! (Thank God...I never really felt comfortable wearing those!) I've always been a bit on the modest side...

Okay that's the latest on me...

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