Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh my aching back....

I am a bit troubled by a comment the insurance specialist said at the SOAR GROUP
, where I will be getting my back looked at. She said, "TriCare doesn't pay enough" and that's why the SOAR group is not under contract with them. Only through referrals. Sounds a bit COLD to me, to say that to someone who lives in pain every day. I almost got mad, but that would get me no where. Its taken me nearly a month to the approval to see a back DR. I go into work in a few minutes, so I am unable to call TRI CARE today and find out exactly what they do pay. It may be too much for us, to afford.

I am concerned about the medical needs for the people who have, and the people who have not. I've always been one, who has not. I'm not whining about it, because I have the Lord and I am content. I also know the bigger picture in why I am here on this earth and its not just for me. However, its a bummer when you get older or are lacking in the finances to receive good medical care, when all it comes down to is the money.

WE do have economic class systems here in the United States. The POOR, and the rich. and the middle class is screwed.

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