Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Michael ~ August 7, 1977 to May 8, 2003

With Mothers Day approaching, many will understand. A Mother NEVER forgets her children. Yesterday was as meaningful a day for me, as the birth of my children. Yet this one was just a sad reminder of the death of my first born son, Michael.

This day can still can bring me to my knees in total collapse, as if it just happened. Tears flow and the helplessness I feel comes rushing back to me. I hate it. I tried very hard to keep busy. Everyone always asks, "what are you doing?" I mean, what can I do??? If I do something to make the day special, people tell me, I'm only making things worse....if I do nothing, others who have never lost a child to death, say "i could never do that" thus making me feel guilty. The true be told, I just get numb and quiet and stay within myself. Oh sure, when my husband came home I cried like a baby to him. But I made dinner and stayed busy, all the time knowing full well, I was still grieving the loss of my precious 25 yr old son, to whom gave me the title MOMMY. I can never forget that!

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