Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Just thinkin....

Not much going on with me. Still ministering to my Mom as she goes through grieving her husband, my dad. We went up there this weekend. A 5-6 hour drive. But always enjoyable. She has the cutest little dogs...too bad my dad won't be able to see them grow up...or can he? Or does he even care about such things on earth?

I think he can see and does care after all he's in the presence of the Lord. Granted, not in his heavenly body as of yet, he is not absent from the Lord at all. Plus he is fully aware...

I think of things like that a lot since my son died almost 4 years ago, and now my dad. Of course I thought about how it must have been really cool, to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with God and friends...(Moses, Paul, Abraham, King David etc) WOW.

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