Monday, April 23, 2007

Good Morning

We went up to check in on Mom. It rained the whole day and through the night, up in the Northern part of California where she lives. Snow still on the cascades with Mt Shasta and Mt Lassen still covered! I think its Mt Shasta that basically keeps snow on her peaks all year long, even through the dreadfully hot tempts of 100+ that is the summer norm in Redding, Ca. Beautiful up there, but I am still not sold.

Mom goes up and down, with emotions and it bothers me too, to see my dads overalls in the garage and his hat still hanging by the kitchen door. They really had a deep love for each other, something I knew but its even more than I thought. Mom gets confused, thinking she has to make all these financial decisions right now. She did sell my dads truck which was like losing him all over again. We still have my dad's classic T-bird in the garage and we're not doing a thing with that yet. She'll sell it, but when she's ready. Plus there's a RV as well. All in all, she's doing well. Shes just lonely for him...

Oh got a late night cell phone call from Patrick, while I was sleeping. Mom told me about it Sunday morning around 9am. I instantly felt scared and KNEW it was Patrick and that something was wrong. Sure enough I listened to my voice mail and he said he was "involved in a situation". Oy Vey... Called him but there was no answer so Mom and I started engaging in female, stinkin thinkin, thinkin the worse...that he was in jail, or she was able to be a Great Grandmother. Carl was out walking the we had him listen to his voice mail message and calmly he said he thought that Patrick just was upset about something and wanted to talk. That he wasn't in jail, because he said, for us to call him back as soon as we get this. SURE ENOUGH Patrick called and "the situation" was not that big of a deal compared to what my Mom and me had conjured up in our active, imaginative minds.


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