Tuesday, April 10, 2007

day after Easter

I have the whole week off, but then what does this "off" look like?

I am not going into work. The family went to Squaw Valley. However I am going over to check on Pippi, the cat.

Last week, I broke my back tooth eating matzoh! So after my super duper massage, I have scheduled for tomorrow...a few hours later I get to go in on the first half of getting a crown. I went in on Thursday and he patched the tooth. Its like, right when we get some money (in this case we got back $800 from the feds) something happens to where its already spent. Our insurance only pays 50% for crowns etc. I was going to take the 6 hour drive up to my Mom's...and now I will play that by ear.

My back was really bad yesterday. I could hardly move. We went to the beach anyway...and had a good time, just Carl, Daniel and I.  Grilled hot sausages and kosher hot dogs!

 That's about it with me...everything is pretty good. The other day I was on the phone with my Mom for 4 hours and 45 minutes!!!! I guess that is why I grind my teeth at night...It really is so sad and I worry about her so much. She is doing as well as can be expected...but I hate it when she talks about not wanting to live. I think I may have said and thought those thoughts before and I know she wouldn't hurt herself...she just needs to say..."I don't want to live anymore without your dad". She needs to hear herself....and when she does, she immediately says, "I don't really mean that...its just so hard!".......bless her heart. On May 11, my dads birthday 74 and their 54th wedding anniversary....PLUS on May 8 is the 4th anniversary of Michael's death and then that weekend is also Mothers Day.....we'll be UP there having my dads ashes interned at the veterans cemetery. It will be a very emotional weekend. But I think we'll all do better...once this BIG deal is behind us. My Mom sold my dads truck last week, and it was like she lost him all over again.......broke my heart! So that's the deal here....

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