Thursday, December 14, 2017

Cash, Gifts and the Schwans delivery guy.

Yesterday I went out to buy a few little gifts; some boxed candy etc -  just to have on hand in case of what?  I don't really know. My mom always did it so I do it, too.  Like if someone drops by, a neighbor or the Schwan's delivery guy. It's fun to surprise someone with a little something they are not expecting.

It was crowded at the store; many things picked over. I'm waiting for another delivery and I still have one more gift to get. I am the official GIFT GIVER in the family. I pay attention and I make many Christmas-gift-purchases before the holidays get here. The challenge of that is, sometimes I can't remember where I hid them. One year, I totally misplaced a few and had to forget about them, only to find them a few months later! Silly me. I've done that with cash, too. I tend to tuck a $20 here and there - and the good thing is, I always find the cash when I really need it.

Everyone says I am hard to buy for. I don't think so. When asked, I can never really say what I want -all in all, I am content. If I didn't get a thing, I would be fine. I love to buy for others; to find that really special gift...

It really is a fun time of year!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Everything is under control

It's our weekend (Wednesday and Thursday) plus the husband is taking Friday off to help with the Hanukkah party. I believe we have everything under control. The hard work doesn't start until Friday afternoon, coordinating it all. It will be fun but I am always happy when it's all over. The day after, we do a party, I'm exhausted while enjoying that "Job well done" kinda feeling.

Then it will be Christmas Eve as the next big event. That's family plus Virginia who is 93, a Sufi-Muslim from Turkey, who converted to Christianity a couple of years ago. She'll come to our Hanukkah party as well. She was a WW2 Army nurse and lives at the same Veteran Home as my Father-in-law. We enjoy her sharp mind. She is a very interesting lady who has led a life, that should be made into a movie. Everyone loves her.

My husband will have to drive to the Home - load them both in our van with their wheelchairs. Then when its over, drive them back. It is a lot of work, but with both of them in their 90's, it's the least we can do- they both are sharp and love to interact with all us "youngins."

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

All I want for Christmas is a Body Cam

When we get older, I believe every couple needs to wear body cams. So that the other person in the couplehood doesn't say you said something that you didn't or say you did something, that you did not. Did you know, you can actually purchase a hidden body cam for as cheap as $20 on eBay? Now there's a Christmas gift idea. It would also be a fun tool to just see how you are and your mate communicate in a day. Might be an eye-opener!

So, we're both getting forgetful and our listening skills with each other are less than ideal. I'm working it. Trying hard to remember things by paying more attention. I also am trying to memorize lists, phone numbers etc, birthdates; to exercise the old brain. I am trying to listen.  Ever since we all started using cell phones and speed dial, we've lost so many brain cells and now we are all paying a price for it. And all for what? So we can phone someone a bit faster? I've noticed even young people cannot remember or even understand simple instructions. Just think what they will be like when they are 60!

The husband has too many "tabs" open in his brain and he says he is a multi-listener. Yeah right. That means, he will ask me the same question I just answered. Yesterday I picked him up from work. There was a song on the radio that caught his ear, just when I was telling him, what was for dinner. DRIVES me cra cra! Then at home, he asked me what was for dinner. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

It's not just him. There ARE times,  I am engrossed in an activity. He will say something and I totally do not hear him. Nothing computes; as if time stood still. Like when he fed the animals. 5 minutes later, I asked him, to feed the animals and he goes ape on me, throwing it in my face how forgetful I am. I wasn't forgetful - I just forgot to listen.

All joking aside, We're in our 60's - and all this forgetting to listen and forgetfulness is only going to get worse. Instead of us getting on each others case, when catching the other being forgetful, we should remind them, yes, but bath it with love. Show some compassion. The Golden rule works well for this one.

But come on, body cams would be great!

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