Friday, November 17, 2017

Talk to the hand because my face won't be listening

Since the election, when I went to my Doctor, folded over with stomach pain - I have tried not to follow politics. I used to be a political junkie. When I was young, my parents were very active in their local Democrat party. My dad was an active member of the San Francisco Painters Union BEFORE he actually got his contractor's license. Before that, he was a member of the UAW (worked at Chrysler Corp in Detriot) and I forget the term, but he was one of the union thugs that would start trouble. What can I say? He was young.

At our dinner table, we talked politics. My sister grew up detesting politics, while I was fascinated with it all. I believe my first trip to Washington DC, did it for me. I could feel the ENERGY and POWER there. 

I've never wanted to serve politically - no way. My oldest son was a political science major and on his way to get his Ph.D. when he died. My other 2 sons are very political but we've all gone our different ways. 

Is it possible for conservatives and liberals to live together and love together? Yes, and my family is proof of that. Since 1972 when I registered to vote Democrat, I have switched back and forth. So far, there is no political party that accurately represents my beliefs. So now I am an Independent. I used to joke, that I was a conservative liberal - or was that a liberal conservative? I was told once, that was IMPOSSIBLE! 

The husband is really conservative. He's a TRUMP man. (ugh) He's extremely vocal about his beliefs. Well, he met his match when we married. Granted there are issues I kinda agree with him on, but not 100%. I know I drive him up a wall - but then again, he drives me up a wall, being so stubborn. I'm at least flexible and like to see both sides. 

So with everything going on these days, I will have to tell them all - leave all controversial subject matters at the door, along with your cell phone. This is a first! 

It really doesn't give us much to talk about anymore. 

What type of conversation do you talk about at your Thanksgiving table?

Thursday, November 16, 2017


This morning, we watched Dick take down the flagpole. 

The Flagpole. Is this a good sign?

Yesterday morning we were drinking our coffee and looking at the birds when we realized, that Dick's flag was gone.

It coincides with Tuesday afternoon  - The mail comes around 2pm. Around 2:30, I heard him making a racket over to the side of his house. It sounded as if he was throwing things around. I didn't think too much about it, other than maybe he had received the official letter from the city.

Or it could just be wishful thinking.

Perhaps the solar lighting on his flag is not working, so he took the flags down?

I'll be happy when all of this is done. However, it will always leave a strain on our neighborly relationship. I have to walk past his house to the mailboxes.

Ugh!  All because of a old man, jumped the gun and didn't talk to us before he put the flagpole up. And because he is a pompous old man, trying to intimidate us, by telling us, we are on his property. When you think of it - he made a wrong move. What? Did he actually think we would bend over for him?

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