Friday, March 23, 2018


This time of year, I get anxious; for spring, for summer, for swimming, gardening everything that is not winter and of course, California decides to redo winter. This always happens. We get an early spring; all the trees start budding and blooming and then WHAM - old man winter blows in. This past week we've had a lot of rain.

Meanwhile, I ordered these cedar raised boxes from Vermont. Good deal. Only they were delivered yesterday and were the wrong size. I can't complain. I do at least half of my shopping online and this is the first time, this has happened. The company was great. They will send a return label out to me and have UPS pick it up and then send me the correct size PLUS I get a discount on my next order.

I also ordered a large area size rug to go into the office. Received that yesterday and all is well.

Took Laydee and Susie to the vet. Now that I have pet insurance on them, they can get their teeth cleaned and such and it won't break us. We need National Pet Insurance they way Americans pamper their animals. You laugh now...but maybe in 20 years. We need National Dental Insurance too.

Friday, March 09, 2018


After several years of trying to explain to people just how bad California is, the TRUTH is coming out for all to see and I hope is embarrassing the powers that be, here in California.In fact, I know, it embarrasses them and that is why they keep shifting the blame or the story onto something else. The recent reports about the downtown streets of San Francisco; trashed with dirty needles, human feces, piss, and vagrants. San Diego dealing with Hepatitis C from dirty streets and human feces. LA with miles and miles of encampments. These are not exaggerations. San Francisco would rather spend 30 million on cleaning the streets than to actually do something about the vagrant problem.

I am also pleased that FINALLY, people from other states are canceling their convention plans, vacations etc. I believe in consequences as a way to enlighten those who refuse to hear other sides. Make it tough for them. Hit California in their wallets. Their arrogance needs some serious correction! I'm glad that the US NEWS report showed California dead last for quality of life.

I'm glad the TRUTH is coming out. The Golden State smells like s#*t.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Oh the Struggle

I am not a naturally sweet and kind person. It takes a lot of EFFORT. My instincts are to be sarcastic and bitchy. I'm working hard NOT to be like that in my old age. The old ladies I used to look up to as a kid, were the cute little old ladies. I liked them because they may be sweet, but deep within them, were fighters. They were strong-willed and could handle anything that came their way without groaning and moaning about it. That's how I want to be.

Like I said, it's hard though. People bug me sometimes and my resting bitch face that I inherited from my mom worked great when I had little boys- I could flash them my "mean mommy look" and they knew not to mess with me. Thankfully I never had to lay a hand on them. Now I find when I am standing in the grocery line, the cashier apologizes to me. I'm like, "It's okay"  It's that mean look revealing itself once again.

So I've been purposely trying to have a resting smile, on my face. It's almost a habit now but all too quickly I can revert back to my default witch face. I notice how many people smile back at me, instead of clearing a path AWAY from me. Even though on the inside, I'm still in one of those "people bug me moods." If they don't approach me for anything, we're all good. I'm as nice as I have to be.

Friends who know me, say I am sweet and nice but they also know I can handle myself and have when the occasion arose.

What about you? What is your default resting face? Are you sweet and nice? Or should I run when I see you?

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