Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A-Z is coming and I'm done

I am feeling FINE. I have all my posts ready and scheduled to go out. What a good feeling of accomplishment.

Now with the whole month of April, done - what will I do with myself, with all my free time? Well for one, we still have our taxes to do.

And I will enjoying reading and commenting on other blog posts - making new blog friends.

If you don't know what the A-Z Blog challenge is, you can read about it here. Give it a try. One year, I flaked out so don't feel bad if you can't complete it. Life is too short to get stressed out. TRY IT. You might be surprised how fun it is. This is the first year, I didn't wing it, every day. THAT was stressful. Anyway, I hope you will consider it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tax Fun

Together, the husband and I are a TEAM - We misplace things or forget where we put them - Pretty much, it all files under Forgetful.

Today I was getting ready to go to the gym, and I was looking all over for the water bottle - it was already in my hand. I've done that with my purse before, too.

Husband keeps forgetting where he placed his work ID badge. And his cell phone, and the car keys. The other night, I had to drive to his work, because he locked his keys in the car.

Right now, we are scrambling - we can't find his tax forms - W-2 forms. I have mine  - I remember placing them on his desk. They are not there. I REFUSE to stress about it. I told him, if by the end of this week, we can't find them, we'll file an extension and then contact the state for a replacement. No biggie. He is huffin and puffin all over the place, just making it worse. I say, CHILL, DUDE. No wonder he has to see a cardiologist next month. It's an inconvenience, not the end of the world.

I'm sure we are not the FIRST forgetful Americans, who forgot where we placed our employer w-2's.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Rainy days and Genealogy

I found this deep dark family secret from Genealogy. This was my GGgrandfather. 

Who does Genealogy as a part-time hobby?  Yeah me neither - it's a full-time hobby with me. Especially lately. It's terrible. I forget to eat, I don't want to do anything - I even dream about all my ancestors. It drives the husband crazy.

He planted 2 redwood trees in the backyard, in the rain. Laydee, our black lab, loved it. Me? I'm working on the family tree. I started a blog just so I could keep it all in order and share my thoughts. So if, something happens to me, it's all on a blog.

Rooted by Blood, DNA and a lot of BS

I figured I might as well share the BS stories, the family told throughout my growing up years. Now that I am finding out, there was no truth to them at all. Like, my grandfather was a wing walker and Grandma was a Cherokee and adopted by a white family. Oral family stories are not gospel truth - okay so if some in the family want to believe it, then that is on them, just don't keep spreading the LIE. Many in my family, want to live in denial. I'm not one of them.

Tomorrow evening, all the kids are coming over for dinner. Navy's girlfriend, I call her Sweetie but am changing that blog nickname to Nurse. Anyway, she is LDS and very into Genealogy and it just got me interested in it again - time to spring clean my tree. I learned in LDS, it is a holy ordinance to want to know about your ancestors. I'm not LDS but it's can't be bad, either. That is just me - I have an investigative, inquiring mind and I NEED to know.

Anyway, I am enjoying it - the weather is still wet and dreary.

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