Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Busy Week

My knee surgery is May 29. Yesterday I had my hair cut and I had a much-needed pedicure. I never realized how hard it is to clip and paint your toenails when your knee is bad. I just couldn't do it. Plus, I wasn't about to let the husband do my toes. NO WAY.  It will be bad enough that he may have to watch me potty for a day or so. I don't know...

Today I have my pre-op exam. One appointment at 11:15 and another at 1:15.

Tomorrow, my future daughter in law will be getting pinned so we are going to that ceremony starting at 5pm. Thursday morning, she is having everyone over to her place for breakfast at 9am.

Friday is my Joint and Knee replacement class at 2pm. Then Sara's graduation starts at 6pm.

I don't like busy weeks. Too much. But I will endure.

My husband is taking 30 days off. He goes back to work July 1 and then he'll only have 5 more months till he retires. He has so much time on the books, that he decided to take his paid time off instead of the family leave, which only gave us 85% of his pay. FORGET THAT! Within these next 5 months, he will be taking time off here and there.

My thoughts about retirement later...

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Bed Bug Trauma

Her apt when she moved in. She threw everything out.

I'd hate to be my step-daughter right now. She found some more bed bugs yesterday morning. They are really hard to get rid of. Unfortunately, it is her responsibility to get rid of them. Everyone kept telling her the property management was responsible. NOOOO, unless you get them within so many days of moving in. She's been living there several years now.  Also, rental insurance doesn't cover it either.

What do you do? You can't live in constant FEAR of bed bugs.

Since all of this, my husband and I are kinda freaked as well. I change our bed sheets weekly and also wash the blankets but the dust ruffle around the boxsprings - not so much. So we ripped that puppy off, and sterilized it, flipped the mattress, did an inspection and even bought an OTC bedbug spray to hose down the mattress.

We still are scratching. 

I've never known anyone in my 65 years, to have bedbugs. It's terrible because they are almost impossible to get rid of. You have to spend quite a bit of your hard earned money to get fumigated. It's like, I'd rather have termites! (not!)

At least with mice or rats - you get a cat.
Fleas? Treat your animals. We never get fleas. They can be like bed bugs, but way easier to get rid of. I've never had cockroaches either. Char had them a couple of years ago, but the property management was responsible for that.

I told her a couple of years ago when she had roaches - that she needed to find a better place. But she likes it there - it is a cute apartment, next to the Sacramento River. But come on now...

So now she is thinking that maybe she should move but since the fires, and we have thousands of displaced people, rents have gone up and the availability of rentals are slim. It's not the right time. She will have to wait it out for another 2 years. (Once people get their homes re-built etc)

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Post Mothers Day

Shasta Lake

After 95 degrees and warm temps, a very cold wintry system has moved in. Snow in the mountains over 5,000 elevations and rain in the valley. Burrrrrrrrrr. The good thing is this will extend the snowpack into the summer and hopefully, help with wildfires.

I hope all the moms had an awesome Mothers Day. My soon-to-be daughter in law took me out to breakfast! Tonight my 2 sons are coming over with Tri-tip steaks to grill. They were both working on Mothers Day.

Poor Char is having quite a time of it - she now realizes that sleeping on the blow-up mattress is killing her back. Her money people told her she only has a couple hundred dollars and not enough for the mattress set she wants. Her double bed set cost $2200 a year ago. A twin set, comparable to what she had could be at least $1000 or so. Plus she still has to wait to be cleared. Why bring in a new bed, and then find out the bed bugs are still in her apartment? She understands - but she is impatient. So for her, because she can't fix this like today, life sucks.

We took our dog, Laydee to Shasta Lake for a swim and my husband fell and twisted his ankle. He went to the VA yesterday; nothing is broke. He just has to rest it.

I've lost another 2 lbs on my Keto diet.

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