Friday, September 05, 2014


Today I will go into the post and work at my desk, in my office like a grown-up. Saturday night is our annual steak dinner. Yum. Char and I are on clean-up. Somebody has to do it.

Sunday morning we will drive down to the bay area to see my cousin and his family.  We checked out the Navy Lodge to stay at Moffett Federal Air Base but they are booked. The cheapest room rate I could find in the area was for a dive at $139. I checked out camping, but all the parks are closed due to the extreme drought. So I made reservations at Travis AFB - We will visit, and then drive to Travis about 50 miles out of San Francisco, but it is still, on our way home. Can you believe $56 a night? They are a really nice, clean and a reliable place to stay. Many times when we travel (or used to) we would room at the military lodging. There is a cool air force museum there on the base, the Husband wants to see.

Then we will mosey on up - I have a meeting that night.

Thursday, September 04, 2014

living in a topsy turvy world

I am trying to write this in a way, that doesn't give out too much information - but allows me to get it off my chest.

Does anybody anymore fear the law of the land? That is something else I am noticing lately - everyone seems to take a lot of risks - with the laws. They are not concerned or fearful about going to prison, if they do something that is totally illegal. Sure it is understood, if you murder - and if you are found guilty, you go to prison. But all of the other, in-between crimes, are justified away as to why that particular person doesn't feel the need to follow the law. They are above the law.

First off before your imagination starts to wonder, it's not me or my immediate family. Thank God.

It was told to me, and it blew me away. It bothered me. Now I know something I don't want to know. What do I do with it? By knowing, does that incriminate me if they should get caught? I told the Husband, because I needed to get it off my chest. He was furious. He wanted to turn them in at first. I begged him not to, explaining it could be dangerous to us. I then talked to the person - that we would not be visiting them, in their home, until they find a different profession. We don't want to get sucked in. I wish I was never told.

When times get rough - I don't think of committing a crime to get money. I do what I can - all legal. But when you have been living a certain lifestyle and then fall on hard times - I guess in order to save face, or whatever, some people (not all) turn to illegal activity to earn a living. I am blown away. Am I the only one that is appalled? This person, who I know extremely well, made it out like I was being judgmental. I guess I was. Everyone is so afraid of being "judgmental" but when you see someone you love, doing something that could ruin their lives, what do you do?  I'm talking about prison. There is a time to be judgmental and a time not to be.  Is it a victim-less crime? Don't let anyone kid you, there are always victims. Look at Bernie Madoff - sure no one died, but there were victims.

I'm just surprised by the lies - I was told. and so now the truth comes out. I am shocked.

My first reaction, my gut feeling, was telling me, this is so WRONG and that while I may love them, I no way can give them my seal of approval.  I was quiet...until the next day, after mulling it around in my mind. Then the person cops a attitude with me.

What a topsy/turvy world we live in now.

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