Monday, October 20, 2014

Good news!

The father-in-law was accepted into the Cal Veterans Retirement Home! They take out a percentage of his social security - about 80% which will leave him more spending money ($200+) than the measly $30 he gets now. We are all so happy for him. He gets a private room-studio complete with furnishings, and all his meals. They really do pamper them, there at the VA. We should hear sometime today or this week, when his moving date will be. They initially told us, sometime in Nov. He's been here since Nov 1 of last year, when his in laws back in Wisconsin dumped him on us. It just so happened, Char and her husband was moving down here from Washington, on Nov 1. All of a sudden we were FULL of family. It was not a good situation, looking back but it did all work out.

Char has filed for divorce - because she is on SSI,they waived her fee so it was basically FREE.  She will take back her maiden name.

The husband is now working a swing shift - with Fridays and Saturdays off. (4pm to midnight) He showers at work before he comes home - (to save on water and germs) and crawls into bed around 12:45 am. It is nice having a warm body to sleep next to, now that the cooler nighttime temperatures are with us again. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014


This little BIG GUY was almost ours - He was offered to us, with papers for FREE. They paid $2800 for him but do not have the time for him. He is 12 weeks old and a King Shepherd. His father was 170 lbs and Mom was 140 lbs. We instantly said YES, without thinking.

Then later that evening I was getting the icks - second thoughts. I started to worry about my cats - especially our kitten. I worried about how much money it would cost to feed him and would we be able to afford it. I worried about his medical bills. I worried if we could not control him, that we may have to give him up and I don't like to do that - when I have an animal, it stays, till death we do part. He had some issues - like potty training wasn't going well, but I wasn't concerned with that. We have old carpets and now would be a good time. However he was caged for a long time - and he is shy and withdrawn. Of course I really wasn't even worried at that. It was his size. I love German Shepherds but a King Shepherd is just too big.

So, yesterday morning, they let us know, they had changed their mind. I was relieved. The husband was disappointed.

Too bad. We still have a vet bill to pay off. It was NOT the time.

We miss our dog, Daisey. It's lonely without a dog. We have Susie and Miss Buster and for right now, that is good.