Wednesday, October 01, 2014

For safety

In a few days, I will probably delete a few of my past posts regarding this family situation. Just in case it should be seen by the wrong people... for safety reasons for myself and household as well as my extended family.

I am glad I am taking my son, Navy with me on Saturday. I am not good at playing, like I don't know what is going on.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

mixed religions and cultures


That beheading in OK, really tweaked me.  That employee was a ticking time-bomb - don't know if it was because of his new found faith in Islam, or if it was just work-place violence like the media says.

I am concerned for someone in my family who has converted to be a Sunni Muslim. It was no doubt bound to happen, since someone in her family is a Muslim as well and her baby's daddy is one. I also am concerned about what is going on, in the household.

I was okay with it all a while back - didn't see a problem until she started getting physically beat up. Now that he was arrested and all, she is backtracking her story and lying for him. He is a piece of work. He doesn't lie to her - in the sense that, he tells her, he has other women. She doesn't like it, but she is afraid of him. Of course she keeps telling everyone how much in love she is. I am seeing a total change in her. I'm stunned! How a formerly strong young women, who never allowed anyone to boss her around, can NOW be so submissive. That just goes against my grain.

There is nothing I can do since she can be combative - probably a protective mechanism that kicks in.

I don't like what I am reading on their Facebook pages.
  • America is evil.
  • Our military are terrorists. 
  • Israel is evil. 
  • Jews are dogs. 
Especially since we have some Judaism in our maternal lineage) Does baby daddy know that????
I am also losing respect for my sister.  She makes denial???  probably for the sake of her grandson.

Just a whole bunch of dysfunctional crap going on. Baby turns one, this Sat and Navy and I are going to the birthday party. It's not the baby's fault, that the adults in his life are so whacked out. Told we can't wear crosses and I can't wear my wedding ring, which is Ani Ledodi.

Sorry, but I am not taking off my wedding ring. That is just crazy.

It's not like I have never been around Muslims. My sisters x-husband was from Iran and while, they do have their "opinions" contrary to mine,  they were always pleasant. We just couldn't talk religion or politics. Of course, true Persians fled Iran in the 70's and are very westernized now. That is not the case for Baby Daddy who is from Somalia and he is a angry young man.

Baby Daddy is into some things, I don't approve of.

I thought we could all be family or at least friendly.... you know, like the bumper stickers, Coexist.